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Thursday, May 13, 2010

LOK SEWA AYOG is a popular in Nepal and information collected by Niroj Khanal.

Set 1

1. In virtual storage, program segments stored on disk during processing are called Page.

2. Continuous line drawings are produced using plotters.

3. The digitizing technology that uses an electronic field radiated from the tablet and picked by curser is Electrostatic.

4. In magnetic disk, data is organized on the platter in concentric sets of rings called Track.

5. A visual display unit or terminal is the most popular output device used today in direct-access processing.

6. The first electro mechanic computer Mark-I developed by Howard Aiken

7. Charles Babbage is credited with the development of the “blueprints” for the first digital computer

8. The very small and cheap computer built in to many home devices is called Micro computer.

9. ILLIAC is the name of the computer, which was the first used for programming, and playing of music.

10. WAN hardware includes EDI, Bridges & modems and Multiplexers and includes.

11. Laser Printer is non-impact printer.

12. Line printer all the as in a line before al the Bas.

13. In the language of the computer profession, one thousand position of main storage is represented with the letter K.

14. Ethernet uses Bus Technology.

15. In comparison to the internal memory, tape or disk memory is slower and less expensive.

16. The minimum time delay required between the initiation of two successive memory operations is known as Memory cycle time.

17. A device designed to read information encoded into a small plastic card is Badge reader.

18. A hard copy output device that uses ink pens to provide high resolution hard copies is Pen plotter.

19. Piggy Back is an operating system that runs as a task of another different operating system.

20. A flat display device composed of tiny neon bulbs is Plasma panel display.

21. PROM is a computer memory that can be programmed once, but not reprogrammed.

22. A program that is used to help solve a data processing problem is Application Software.

23. An input device used with interactive graphics to locate a place on the screen is Tablet.

24. Spreadsheet Packages are programs that accept data values and relationship in the columns and rows of their worksheet.

25. The intersection of a column and row in a spreadsheet is called a bon or cell.

26. LCD clocks are not likely to be found a PC main circuit board.

27. Methods used to organize and physically store disk data are cylinder and sector.

28. Magnetic tape storage chips have no moving parts. And they provide non-volatile direct access storage of data.

29. A class of random access memory that requires periodic servicing in order for the contents to remain veiled is Dynamic RAM.

30. A high-spend printer that uses charged pins to from character matrices on chemically treaded paper is Electrostatic Printer.

31. The earliest calculating device still in use the abacus.

32. An arithmetic machine that performs routine seemingly human task is KIPS.

33. ROM is used to store firmware.

34. A computer program that instructs other programs to perform a particular type of operation is System Software.

35. A register in CPU that holds the current instruction that is being executed is called instruction register.

36. A terminal having local processing capabilities is intelligent terminal.

37. One that permits direct conversation between system user and the operating program in the CPU is Interactive System.

38. Keypunch Machine is a keyboard actuated device that is used to record data on computer cards.

39. The imitation of one device or system by another is Emulation (Imitation).

40. TELNET is an American data communication networks,

41. The first modern digital computer produced on mass scale is IBM-650.

42. The IC was invented at Texas instruments in the year 1958 by Jaik Kilby.

43. A device that stores one item of information in Memory Element.

44. A sequence of micro-instruction is Micro code.

45. A specific part of an arithmetic and logic unit that is used to perform the operation of multiplication is multiplier.

46. UNIVAC belongs to the first generation computer.

47. Valves hardware did first generation computer use.

48. A typical modern computer uses LSI chips.

49. Integrated Circuits are fabricated on a tiny silicon chip.

50. Keyboard is used the most in the input phase of computer based information system.

51. User persons probably have the least amount of technical knowledge.

52. System boards allow the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system.

53. To decode program instructions is the control unit function in the CPU.

54. The first computer used to store a program was EDSAC.

55. The first machine to successfully perform a long series of arithmetic and logic operation was MARK-I.

56. Linkage between the CPU and users is provided by Peripheral Devices.

57. The microcomputers today have hard disk because it has very high storage capacity.

58. A character is represented in EBCDIC by eight bits.

59. The data recording are between the blank gaps on magnetic tape is called a Block.

60. Floppy disk is a secondary memory device.

61. Keyboard is not an output device of a computer.

62. A group of wires running parallel to each other between 2 connected computer parts and which transfers information is called a bus.

63. Semiconductor memory is not as advantage of stored storage.

64. Control unit is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals.

65. A collection of wires that connects several devices is called cables.

66. Two units in a single bus structure communicate at a time.

67. The computer device primarily used to provide hard copy is the Line printer.

68. Programs, which protect a disk from catching and infection, are called vaccines.

69. Diskettes and hard disks are direct access devices.

70. Semiconductor memory is volatile.

71. In a generic microprocessor, instructions cycle time is larger than machine cycle time.

72. The cyclic codes are used in continuously varying signal representation.

73. The operation of a digital computer is based on electronic principle.

74. The 7-bit ASCII code widely used for data communication work.

75. A characteristic generally associated with fixed disk devices is one read/right head per track.

76. Laser Printers use light beam and electronically sensitive black powder.

77. The first mini computers were developed and built in 1965 by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

78. The person contribute in the idea of the stored program was John Von Neuman.

79. Star topology and point to point is associated with network.

80. Buffer is the name of the storage device, which is used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another.

81. Multi bus is a flexible bus structure, which is now used in many commercial microprocessor systems.

82. Page stealing is taking page frames from other working sets.

83. The OS manages memory, processors and Disk & I/O devices.

84. A set of prerecorded instruction by a computer is called the program.

85. Which is the part that transmits data from one part of the computer to another is called ‘Bus’.

86. The number of bits that a computer can process at a time in parallel is called the ‘word length’.

87. ENIAC is the first large-computer ever developed.

88. DDP- Distributed Data Processing.

89. Microsecond is millionth of a second.

90. IBM S/390 is a Mainframe computer.

91. Addresses have a unique identifier.

92. Radix of the binary System is two. 0 1 – binary, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 - octal.

93. The number of digits a number system uses to represent the numbers in the system is called base or Radix.

94. ASCII-7bit=128characters, ASCII-8bit=256characters, EBCDIC-8bit=256characters.

95. The two types of auxiliary storage devices are random and sequential access.

96. Magnetic tape is a sequential-access device.

97. Magnetic tape is the slowest in accessing device.

98. Magnetic tape is generally used for back-up.

99. CD-ROM is not a sequential-access device.

100. Jaj-Cartridge has the maximum storage capacity.

101. WORM stands for Write once read many.

102. The storage device that combines the magnetic disk technology with CD-ROM technology is MD-Drive.

103. The mouse which needs a special mouse pad is mechanical.

104. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reorganization) is the technology that is used as a direct entry method in banks.

105. MCR is the technology used in the evaluation of aptitude test.

106. The input device that uses a light-sensitive detector to select objects on a display screen is mouse mat.

107. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can transmit in a fixed amount of time.

108. Refresh rate of monitor is Hertz.

109. Interlacing is the display technique that enables a monitor to provide more resolution inexpensively.

110. Dot-pitch the measurement that indicates the vertical distance between each pixel on a display screen.

111. Dot-matrix is an impact printer.

112. Plotter is a device that draws pictures on paper based on commands from a computer.

113. Word processor is an example of system software.

114. Word processor is most important program in computer.

115. Maintenance is the primary purpose of the OS.

116. MVS- Multiple Virtual Storage (Multiprocessing OS) = amiga.

117. OS for IBM PS/2 = OS/2

118. Real time OS = BLMX, CTOS, CCP(Dos not a real time OS)

119. Modem is a telecommunication processor.

120. 50,000 channels can a half-inch diameter optic cable carry.

121. Access control is the function of the telecoms software.

122. Ring network the ends are not connected.

123. HTTP is a network protocol.

124. One way of protecting the e-mail message is encryption.

125. HTH – Hope This Help.

126. Poboxes is mail forwarding facilities.

127. RAM is essentially empty.

128. Super computer can primarily useful for mathematical intensive scientific applications.

129. Winchester Disk is a Disk Stack.

130. The unit of hardware an operator uses to monitor computer processing is the console.

131. The access method used for cassette tape is sequential.

132. Teletype terminal is used for input and output both.

133. Semiconductor memory is volatile.

134. Word processing we understand string manipulation.

135. GUI’s - They make computers easier to use for non-professionals

They use icons and menus that users can select with a mouse.

136. Magnetic disk is not a sequence storage device.

137. Microfilm reader is a COM device.

138. 1st generation computers are characterized by vacuum tubes magnetic drums.

139. A memory bus is mainly used for communication between processor and memory.

140. The input unit of computer feeds data to the CPU or Memory.

141. Decoder is used as storage locations both in the ALU and the control section of a computer.

142. The unit of a computer system that executes program, communicates with and often controls the operation of other subsystems of the computer is known as CPU.

143. The first IBM PC did not have any disk drive.

144. A new technology which provides the ability to create an artificial world and have people interact with it is called Virtual reality.

145. SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Science.

146. The organized set of instructions to direct the computer in solving a problem is called program.

147. A high speed device used in CPU for temporary storage during processing is called Register.

148. Bubble memory is a combination of sequential and direct access devices.

149. ITS stands for Intelligent Tutoring System.

150. The unit of Speed used for Super Computer is GFLOPS

151. Impact printers strike a ribbon against the paper to produce character images.

152. The minimum number of MOS transistors required to make a dynamic RAM cell is 1.

153. Ultraviolet light erasable and electronically programmable is EPROM.

154. ROM- Non-volatile and may be written only once.

155. Non-volatile is important advantage of magnetic tapes, disks and bubbles.

156. ViciCalc – first spreadsheet software package – 1978.

157. Main memory holds data and processing instructions temporarily until the CPU needs it.

158. 1987 – IBM XT – Microcomputer released in the market.

159. Oval Slot part of the diskette should never be touched.

160. Main memory contains data and instructions.

161. Two new types of semiconductor memories are charge coupled devices, magnetic bubble memory.

162. A billionth of second is Nanosecond.

163. Program execution time would be minimum, if the programs are written in machine language.

164. 8 bit is bytes.

165. Normal speed of motor is rpm used for a floppy diskette driver is 200-300.

166. A level used to control the movement of a cursor on a video screen is joystick.

167. Primary storage is fast and expensive as compared to secondary storage.

168. The first electronic digital computer contained electronic valve.

169. Hard disks and diskettes are direct access storage devices.

170. A source program is the program written in high-level language.

171. EPROM consists of MOSFETs.

172. Input controls are often used to ensure that data has been accurately input to the computer.

173. Diskette is not used for storage purposed with main frame computers.

174. A step-by-step procedure used to solve a problem is called algorithm

175. No computer can do anything without a program.

176. A complete microcomputer system consists of microprocessor, Memory and peripheral equipment.

177. Control Unit co-ordinates the sequencing of events within the central processor of a computer.

178. The microprocessor of a computer cannot operate on any information if that information is not in its main storage.

179. The only things are moving around inside a computer are electrons.

180. Repairing a magnetic disk for data storage is called formatting.

181. The computers its program and data in its memory.

182. 1985 did Intel announce its 80386 processor.

183. Silicon chips are made from ordinary sand.

184. The least expensive OCR units can read marks.

185. In virtual storage, program segments stored on disk during processing are called page.

186. A code used to identify merchandise in retail store is Universal Product Code.

187. The main control computer in a network of distributed processors and terminals is host computer.

188. Field is a group of related characters that are related as a single unit.

189. one pica is 1/6”

190. The person who writes instructions that tell the computer how to handle input information is computer programmer.

191. A system which allows interaction between man and machine via some terminal devices is interactive.

192. A group of integrated parts is called system.

193. A third and last component of CPU is supervisory control unit.

194. The physical component of a computer system is Hardware.

195. A peripheral device in which the storage medium used in magnetic tape is tape deck.

196. A peripheral forming part of an interactive work station is known as terminals.

197. A bit which says something about a piece of data is called flag.

198. EAROM is an electronically alterable read-only memory.

199. A stand-alone system that produces one page of printed output at a time is page printer.

200. The complete picture of data stored in database is known as scheme.

201. RAM is used as short memory because it is volatile.

202. The essential features of a number are radix and set of distinct counting digits.

203. Low level computer language uses mnemonic codes.

204. An assembler is a program.

205. A storage system for small amounts of data is magnetic cards.

206. Any device that performs signal conversation is modem.

207. An input device that uses switch contacts placed under a plastic pad, which may be instructed with symbols is known as Touch Pad.

208. RAM stores the values of variables.

209. A data type that stores characters strings is called CHAR.

210. A file that has been transferred to a lower level in the memory hierarchy is known as Archive File.

211. The executive responsible for the data processing function in an organization is DPM.

212. Any type of storage that is used for holding information between steps in its processing is intermediate storage.

213. A code whose target alphabet contains only digits or strings of digits is known as numerical code.

214. The representation of numbers in the positional number system with radix 8 is Octal.

215. A general purpose single user microcomputer designed to be operated by one person at a time is PC.

216. The computers that are capable of performing over 10mb are called Super Computer.

217. A popular word processing program for microcomputer is WORD STAR.

218. A language that is close to that used within the computer is low level language.

219. Output unit decodes information and present to the user.

220. Main storage is also called memory.

221. Most important advantage of an IC is its extremely high reliability.

222. A computer language for informing the DBMS regarding the data structure used is DDL.

223. Data tablet uses much less computer time then the light pen and gives resolution equal to that of the CRT display.

224. A hand-held device for optically reading bar codes on goods, labels and shelves is Wand.

225. COBOL is a common business oriented language.

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